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Bitcoin Q&A: What will Bitcoin Core 1.0 look like?

published on Nov 15, 2018 by aantonop Favorite
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What will Bitcoin Core 1.0 look like? Is this project still considered experimental within a long time horizon? What would happen if Bitcoin developers and maintainers were coerced / disappeared / died etc.? Do cruise ships suck? What other client implementations are there?

These questions are from the October monthly Patreon session, which took place on October 27th 2018. If you want early-access to talks and a chance to participate in the monthly live Q&As with Andreas, become a patron: https://www.patreon.com/aantonop

Consensus Algorithms, Blockchain Technology, and Bitcoin - https://youtu.be/fw3WkySh_Ho
Advanced Bitcoin Scripting Part 1: Transactions and Multisig - https://youtu.be/8FeAXjkmDcQ
Advanced Bitcoin Scripting Part 2: SegWit, Consensus, and Trustware - https://youtu.be/pQbeBduVQ4I
What is Consensus: Rules without Rulers - https://youtu.be/2tqo7PX5Pyc
Forkology: A Study of Forks for Newbies - https://youtu.be/rpeceXY1QBM
Bitcoin: Where the Laws of Mathematics Prevail - https://youtu.be/HaJ1hvon0E0
The mining process - https://youtu.be/L4Xtau0YMJw
Genesis block and coinbase transactions - https://youtu.be/strhfzJ56QE
The rules of Bitcoin (part 1) - https://youtu.be/VnQu4uylfOs
The rules of Bitcoin (part 2) - https://youtu.be/vtIp0GP4w1E
Decentralized power, leaderless governance - https://youtu.be/E5VbDlQTPzU
Scaling, trust, and trade-offs - https://youtu.be/vCxmHwqyJWU
Why running a node is important - https://youtu.be/oX0Yrv-6jVs
Honest nodes and consensus - https://youtu.be/KAhY2ymI-tg
Do "crypto-banks" threaten hard money? - https://youtu.be/Ps78g2_3_6o
Running nodes and payment channels - https://youtu.be/ndcfBfE_yoY
What happens during a fork? - https://youtu.be/XBk8hBJ1xVo
Empty blocks, orphan blocks, and valid chains - https://youtu.be/dizF2S63RXY
SegWit adoption - https://youtu.be/KCsTVTRk6I4
How do mnemonic seeds work? - https://youtu.be/wWCIQFNf_8g

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He is the author of two books: “Mastering Bitcoin,” published by O’Reilly Media and considered the best technical guide to bitcoin; “The Internet of Money,” a book about why bitcoin matters.

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