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Is Bitcoin preparing for a multi-thousand dollar move? Will Libra decide the fate of crypto? Find out on this week’s Crypto Duel!

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Cointelegraph covers everything Bitcoin, bringing you the latest news, prices, breakthroughs, and analysis, with emphasis on expert opinion and commentary from the digital currency community.

Channel Videos

Bitcoin Is Preparing for a Big Move | Mati Greenspan Vs. Erik Crown
published on Oct 22, 2019
by Cointelegraph
How Low Will Bitcoin Fall? | Eric Krown vs. Joe DiPasquale
published on Oct 18, 2019
by Cointelegraph
Vitalik Buterin, Mike Novogratz, Tom Lee | The Future of Blockchain
published on Oct 17, 2019
by Cointelegraph
Terrorism and Crypto: Evidence from Ex-CIA Analyst
published on Oct 12, 2019
by Cointelegraph
Time to Start Buying Bitcoin Again? | Crypto Markets
published on Oct 07, 2019
by Cointelegraph
Crypto Duel: Will Bitcoin Ever Hit $100K? | Peter Brandt & Erik Crown
published on Oct 01, 2019
by Cointelegraph
Korea’s Rising Crypto Generation | Cointelegraph Documentary
published on Sep 30, 2019
by Cointelegraph
Seoul Office Launch Party
published on Sep 25, 2019
by Cointelegraph
The Impact of Bakkt Bitcoin Futures Has Yet to Come | Crypto Markets
published on Sep 23, 2019
by Cointelegraph
Crypto Duel: Breaking Down Bitcoin | Erik Crown & Mati Greenspan
published on Sep 19, 2019
by Cointelegraph
Is Bitcoin Preparing for a Major Move? | Crypto Markets
published on Sep 16, 2019
by Cointelegraph
Disrupting the Payments Industry | Inside PumaPay
published on Sep 16, 2019
by Cointelegraph
US Councilman Buys Weed With Bitcoin Cash | Crypto News
published on Sep 14, 2019
by Cointelegraph
Bitcoin to Face a Downward Break | Crypto Markets
published on Sep 09, 2019
by Cointelegraph