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published on Nov 07, 2018 by Market Angel Favorite
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Elastos: Digital Private Property Rights, Security, Wealth Generation ...the new smart web is here! Join the revolution:

Timeline Breakdown:
0:05 What is Elastos from a consumer perspective
0:16 Introduction of operating system and founder, Rong Chen
0:36 The goal to create a secure internet
0:50 An example of how Elastos may work on your device
1:16 No nefarious spying by web hackers or bad actors
1:35 An example of how one may buy and sell digital assets within the Elastos ecosystem
2:00 How is this any better than the internet today?
2:10 Digital assets secured by ID's on the blockchain
2:30 Scarcity and value of digital assets
2:46 Example of how one may go about reselling a digital asset
3:20 Elements of Elastos which are powered by blockchain
3:41 An overview of the cryptocurrency side of Elastos (ELA)
4:00 Merged mined with Bitcoin
4:25 Circulating supply of ELA versus other cryptos
4:50 Could Elastos ever be a top 10 market cap token?
5:02 We are not giving anyone financial advice. Do your own research!
5:22 Having great tech does not guarantee success
5:31 Marketing is crucial!
5:43 Community is everything!
6:00 World changing technologies are just beginning to arise.
6:17 Until next time...

In this episode, Christian gives a brief overview of how the Elastos technology may actually work. Of course, without seeing it or using it, this is mostly speculation based on the information available about the project online. However, we believe it is accurate enough to give consumers, investors, and even potential developers an idea of how Elastos is going to work and why everyone should be interested. The vision and mission of Elastos is enormous! It is our hope that everyone watching this video will help us spread the word and make this project known to the masses. It certainly is a worthy cause.

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