Interview with Bluzelle (October 2018)

published on Oct 28, 2018 by Crush Crypto Favorite
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We recently sat down with Neeraj Murarka, CTO and co-founder of Bluzelle (BLZ), to discuss the project and its development progress. Watch our 16 min interview to hear the latest on this decentralized database service for dApps.

Video Content:
00:12 Introduction of Bluzelle
03:22 Bluzelle in the blockchain ecosystem
04:25 How Bluzelle works
05:39 Is Bluzelle blockchain agnostic?
06:54 Major milestones
08:43 Is Bluzelle open source?
09:47 Global community building
11:31 Business development
13:45 Adoption and usage of Bluzelle
15:03 1 year and 5 year vision

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