Layer 2 Blockchain Scaling Solutions – Sidechains

published on Nov 10, 2018 by Crush Crypto Favorite
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A sidechain is a unique blockchain that is attached to a “main-chain” using a two-way peg. Sidechains allow tokens and digital assets from one blockchain to be used in a separate blockchain and then moved back to the original chain if needed.

Video Content:
00:18 What are sidechains?
01:08 Issues with sidechains
01:45 Sidechain visualization
01:51 How do sidechains work?
02:35 Federations
02:59 Plasma overview

Projects working on sidechains
04:27 RSK
04:57 Matic Network
05:10 Loom Network
05:27 Liquid
05:55 OmiseGO
06:13 POA Network

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