Crypto Portfolio Must Haves. $WAVES GIVEAWAY!!! 200 To 5 People + Merch

published on Dec 06, 2018 by Chico Crypto Favorite
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I have a special episode today, a waves giveaway!!!! The Waves cryptocurrency team has been kind enough to support my viewers, and are giving away 200 waves each to 5 random people and Merch to 13 other lucky viewers! Details to enter are below. Plus 2 coins that are must haves in a crypto portfolio. Huge use cases, and real world enterprise applications!
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🌊Step to enter for a chance at 200 Waves and Waves Merch🌊

1. Download the Waves Mobile App At The Link Below

2. Create A Waves Account and Waves Wallet

3. Create An Invoice For Payment

4. Screenshot Your Invoice With The QR Code and Public Key

5. Post The Screenshot On My Twitter Post Below

⏰ Time Stamps ⏰
00:08 Beer Intro: Kulmbacher Kapuziner-Kulmbach, Germany
00:56 Have Your Eyes On Good Altcoins In The Bear Market
01:31 Waves Is A Great Investment (New Mobile App)
02:28 New Features In The Waves Mobile App
04:53 Chainlink Is A Great Altcoin Investment
07:28 Factom Is Another Great Altcoin Investment

📺Watch Aga To Enter Into The Waves Giveawayin📺
Elastos Monetizing Data👉🏻
Reviewing Tron $TRX Github👉🏻

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