Bitcoin Bull Trap?!? Bakkt “Moonshot Bet!” Altcoins Surge! Exchange Hack Updates | Wells Fargo

published on Feb 09, 2019 by Crypto Zombie Favorite
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#Bitcoin bull trap? NYSE owners calls Bakkt a “moonshot bet,” Cryptopia & QuadrigaCX updates, Wells Fargo, dApp usage extremely low, New Hampshire crypto taxes, $ETH rumors squashed, crypto news, and more!

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0:18 Markets 🚀
1:58 Bitcoiin (B2G):
4:56 Bakkt is “moonshot bet”
7:06 Bakkt RCG acquisition:
7:28 Bitcoin Amazon poll:
8:16 Argentina $BTC Bus rides:
9:19 dApps usage is terrible:
10:59 Bitcoin data:
11:30 Ethereum (ETH) rumors:
12:21 Digitex Futures (DGTX) contest:
12:53 Quant (QNT) x PayUK:
13:55 Quant Overledger Review:
14:21 Binance (BNB) DEX fees:
15:18 DASH x 420 brah…
16:33 Wells Fargo sucks:
18:04 Buy Bitcoin, Short the Banks:
19:57 QuadrigaCX updates:
21:06 Cryptopia hack update:
21:40 New Hampshire crypto taxes:
22:54 $50k confiscated from man at airport:
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