Bitcoin Bull Run is Inevitable, Just a Matter of WHEN? Harvard Cryptographer: “Crypto is Useless”

published on Feb 10, 2019 by Crypto Zombie Favorite
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#Bitcoin’s Third Act? Harvard cryptographer says cryptocurrency is “honestly useless,” Lightning Network updates, H&M Distributors, Voyager, Philippine $BTC ATMs, $USDC adoption, Crypto Mom speaks, $BTT airdrop, crypto news, and more!

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0:15 Markets 〽️
3:32 Has Bitcoin Bottomed?
4:47 Bitcoin’s third act:
6:35 Crypto Winter (What we are missing):
9:51 Hester Peirce:
12:38 Fundstrat positive on Bitcoin 2019:
13:59 Fake news?
14:24 Cryptocurrency is useless?
17:39 Lightning Network updates:
18:20 Lightning stats:
18:24 Why altcoins and NOT Bitcoin?
19:39 Exmo trading bots:
20:39 BitTorrent (BTT) airdrop:
21:03 Tron Scan:
23:54 USDC:
25:19 Charles Hoskinson (Cardano ADA):
25:58 Litecoin (LTC) Lightning Netwprk:
26:47 Ripple (XRP) another big transfer:
27:09 DASH applies for Coinbase:
27:26 H & M Distributors:
28:18 Voyager:
28:41 Philippine BTC ATMs:
29:26 India government on crypto:
30:51 Firefox updates:
31:57 Long way to go…
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Bitcoin Bull Trap?!? Bakkt “Moonshot Bet!” Altcoins Surge! Exchange Hack Updates | Wells Fargo

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